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Winner of the 2023 “Favorite Dental Speaker” Nifty Award: Katherine Eitel Belt.

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Because Katherine Eitel Belt is such a widely-regarded speaker and coach, it was no surprise to me when she was voted as
speaker of the year. In fact, I’ve even been coached by her personally, mentored on aspects of speaking and presenting—and for that, I’m forever grateful. She mentioned to me that the biggest reward for her wasn’t this award itself, but the confirmation that her message is resonating with her audience. A speaker wants to know if their message is landing, and what better way to confirm that her message is landing than for her to be voted Speaker of the Year in the inaugural Nifty Awards.

Bring your message to the stage.

“Almost every dentist she meets is an expert whose message needs to be heard,” Katherine shared. “There are tons of dental professionals out there who have mastered areas of expertise, whether that’s sleep dentistry, how to be an amazing assistant, or even sales techniques … They have experience that others can leverage and benefit from.”

Because of this, Katherine loves to teach others how to do what she does, craft a message and unleash it on an audience in a way that resonates. “There’s a huge audience for fresh perspectives, a fresh idea or take on old systems, fresh voices in general. That’s what makes us better.”

Get organized.
When I asked Katherine about her number one speaking tip, she encouraged the reader to get organized. The better you
prepare for any kind of presentation, the better it will go. Don’t expect to have a bunch of ideas on the top of your head
perfectly once you get under and then to remember them all the lights and in front of an audience.

“Organize your content the way you would organize a term paper in school. Ask yourself, ‘What’s the bottom line of my
speech? What are the supporting concepts?’ Then, put it together in a way that would make sense from the audience’s
perspective.” She also recommends you include multimedia, humor, metaphors, and group exercises—those are like
the colors that get put on the black-and-white outlines of the coloring page.

Ask what your audience needs.
Finally, recognizing we can get overwhelmed when we need to do any kind of public speaking, Katherine suggests you shift to thinking about what they need from you and then focusing on delivering that information to them from the stage.

What are the pain points they are experiencing? What do you have to share that will help them in their day-to-day practice? When you focus on that, it brings the logic center of your brain online and shuts down the fear center.

If you’re interested in learning more about speaking, you can get on Katherine’s mailing list and await her upcoming book at

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