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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Phone Service” – Mango Voice and Winner of “Favorite Rep” – Richard May

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During the Nifty Awards, recognition often comes to those who embody dedication, excellence, and a commitment
to service in our profession. A dynamic duo at Mango Voice—Kevin Tallman (CEO) and Richard May (Director of Partnerships)—embody these ideals.

With Kevin steering the ship, it’s no wonder Mango Voice bagged the 2023 “Favorite Phone Service” Nifty Award.
And having Richard on board, who clinched his own 2023 Nifty Award as “Favorite Sales Representative,” undoubtedly
helped seal the deal.

Two for the taking!

Dentists, clients, vendors, coaches, and consultants didn’t just vote in favor of Mango Voice, but—as I mentioned before—Richard himself even won in the category of “Favorite Sales Representative.” As humble as ever, Richard sees his award not only as a personal achievement but as an accolade for the entire Mango team, their exceptional product, and
their smooth operation—which includes top-notch sales and shipping teams.

He also extended his gratitude to my tribe—the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group—for providing a platform that
allowed Mango Voice to engage with the dental community and foster meaningful human connections. Richard couldn’t
stress enough how much he valued the opportunity to engage with the dental community on a personal level—sharing
experiences, discussing vacations, and even favorite sports teams (with a good-natured nod to the Raiders).

Kevin and Richard believe in building bridges through respect. For Kevin and Richard, success hinges on surprisingly simple yet profoundly impactful principles. Both emphasize the importance of treating people with respect, greeting them
warmly, and always wearing a smile.

For Mango Voice, these basic tenets have been pivotal in forging meaningful connections within the dental community,
where customers aren’t merely clients but integral contributors to their journey’s success. For instance, Mango Voice launched the “12 Days of Mango” initiative last December. It wasn’t limited to new customers; current ones also reaped the benefits. It had such a positive reaction that they decided to take it further in 2023, introducing the “25 Days of Mango.”

But this friendly approach isn’t just relevant to Mango Voice’s customers—the same standards apply to their team. Kevin and Richard firmly believe that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and working with one another respectfully is vital to a
healthy company culture. They draw a parallel between their business philosophy and a team sport, where each player’s role is critical for success. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, after all. Kevin’s daily routine even includes personal
interaction with every team member, providing a warm and supportive start to the day.

The Mango Voice advantage.
Of course, Mango Voice’s reputation as the go-to phone system for dental professionals extends beyond its friendly
demeanor. Diverging from conventional phone systems that serve a wide array of industries, Mango Voice has adopted a
specialized approach dedicated to addressing the distinctive requirements of the dental field.

And—in addition to Richard’s all-star customer service skills—I genuinely believe Kevin to be the most accessible leader in the dental industry. His willingness to engage with customers has become a hallmark of Mango’s culture. Kevin’s approach reflects a servant mentality, where he sees himself as part of a team—not above it—a quality that many leaders unfortunately lack.

Also, let’s not forget that Mango Voice has no intimidating equipment, an easy-to-use interface, ground-breaking
integrations, seamless features, and unbeatable U.S.-based customer service—not to mention how they truly care about you and your business.

Looking ahead to 2024: “Unlocking the black box.”
2023 has been a year of growth and success for Mango Voice, but what does the future hold? Well, the team at Mango Voice is brimming with excitement as they gear up to unleash some more game-changing features. In Kevin’s words, “We are working on some transformational technology at Mango that is going to drive a lot of value in a dental practice.”

Their latest venture focuses on providing deeper insights into phone call interactions within the practice. It’s common
knowledge that voice communication is the lifeblood of any dental office, as the efficiency of patient scheduling, inquiries,
and appointment coordination often depends on these interactions. In the past, however, this aspect of practice management has remained something of a mystery—what Kevin calls a “black box” where crucial data often goes unnoticed.

Mango Voice aims to change this. They are preparing to introduce new alerts and reports that will comprehensively understand how phone communication impacts the practice’s overall performance. With a focus on extracting valuable
insights from each call, they’re ensuring that individual team members and the entire practice can accurately measure
their efficiency and success.

But the innovations don’t stop there. Mango Voice is committed to deepening the integration of these insights into the
broader practice management systems used by dental professionals. This means an even more seamless and holistic
view of each patient interaction, offering a clearer picture of how the practice serves its patients.

The sensible path to success: Kevin’s advice for business owners.
Kevin compares business ownership to parenting, where the responsibility of nurturing and growing your business is akin
to raising a child. Likewise, navigating the intricate landscape of business ownership requires a balance of emotional resilience and strategic acumen. Emotions often run high in the world of dentistry. It’s easy to allow emotions to
dominate decision-making, but Kevin believes that allowing emotions to take the reins can lead to suboptimal outcomes.

Thus, Kevin believes that the key to success—both in business and in life—lies in nurturing mental fortitude and rationality. Individuals can make better strategic decisions and cultivate a deeper sense of happiness by ensuring that
emotions don’t overpower rational thinking. The ability to approach challenges with a clear and logical mindset—unclouded by emotional turbulence—is the sensible path to success.

On that note, as somebody who has worked with Mango Voice for quite some time, I can vouch firsthand that they
can bring a whole lot of “peace of mind” to dentists, practice owners, and team members. You can rest assured that your
communication systems are in expert hands with Mango Voice, allowing you to focus on your core expertise—dentistry.




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