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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Nifty Thrifty Member of the Year” – Dr. Kathryn Alderman

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Recently, a number of my members have reached out to me to let me know how the Nifty Thrifty group has positively impacted their practice, and it is my absolute honor to be a part of anyone’s dental journey; their acknowledgment meant the world to me. I may not be perfect, but I try my best to help everyone in the dental community—and I’ll keep doing
everything I can to help all of us in dentistry get to a higher level.

And that’s precisely why I host initiatives like the Nifty Awards. I love spotlighting the fantastic people who make up the dental community, and giving folks the recognition they deserve—folks like Dr. Kathryn Alderman.
Voted as “Favorite Nifty Thrifty

Member of the Year,” Kathryn deserves to be recognized as a pillar of the Nifty community. In a heartfelt conversation with Kathryn, we explored her “why,” her advice to fellow dental professionals, and her plans for the future.

Kathryn’s inspirational mentorship journey.
The Nifty Thrifty community holds a particularly special place in Kathryn’s heart. Anyone on the Nifty Thrifty Facebook page knows that Kathryn adds tremendous value to our discussions and has made incredible social media posts.

But Kathryn also mentors young doctors and team members daily, her lessons backed by a strong belief in the transformative power of education and skill development. “I do believe that education and gaining skills gives us freedom,” she told me. “It gives us flexibility and makes us more independent. It makes us feel good about ourselves. So,
when I can support somebody in their growth and watch how confident they become—how valuable they become—I get
chills about it.”

Even the most inspirational entrepreneurs encounter moments of self-doubt and uncertainty where they need a
North Star. Amidst Kathryn’s most trying moments, she discovered solace and wisdom in the counsel of a mentor—and
I’m so honored that she credits me as her “guiding light.”

Don’t let yourself get torn in every direction; understand your values and craft your life around them.
Family, to Kathryn, isn’t a compartmentalized aspect of life—it’s the lifeblood of her success story. We all have different definitions of “ success,” but for Kathryn, success encompasses the harmonious balance between professional achievements and a fulfilling family life. “Success is more than just a thriving practice,” she emphasizes.

Kathryn’s mother shared some priceless wisdom that struck a chord with her: “Keep work and personal life separate so
that you can give your all in each.” For Kathryn, creating strict boundaries to ensure she was fully engaged at work and
wholly present with her family at home has been imperative to her “success.” It’s not just about working hard but working
smart, ensuring that every moment is purposefully utilized.

What does 2024 have in store for Kathryn?
In the dawn of 2024, Kathryn’s focus is unwavering—melding her passion for mentoring, marketing, and public relations
with cutting-edge AI technologies. This amalgamation, she believes, will not only revolutionize dental practices but also augment the skills and efficiencies of the professionals involved.

However, amidst the excitement of technological advancement, Kathryn sounds a poignant note of caution: Remain
authentic, for AI can enhance but not replace the genuine human connection. Kathryn is also a big advocate for pausing
occasionally to take a moment for yourself. Her words serve as a gentle reminder—amidst the algorithms and innovations, dental professionals are, above all, humans.

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