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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Dental Coach” – Dr. Anissa Holmes

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The winners of the Nifty Awards are decided by folks like you: Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental consultants, dental vendors—you name it. Like a true democracy in action, regular people have their say. And, for the 2023 “Favorite Dental Coach” Nifty Award, the people chose Dr. Anissa Holmes.

When Anissa and I sat down to chat about her achievements, we didn’t just discuss the award. Anissa and I took a stroll
down memory lane, talking about how she got where she is today and what she’s cooking up next—this cool thing called
“Dentalflix,” which promises to start shaking up dental education as we know it.

Hard work pays off.
Every entrepreneur, game-changer, or innovative mind will have moments of doubt along the way to success. Likewise, Anissa couldn’t help but wonder if all those free boot camps and educational content her team had been dishing out for over two years were making a big difference in the dental community. But then, along comes this award, kinda like a pat on the back, telling her, “You’re on the right track.”

That said, Anissa at least knew for sure that she was impacting those she saw in real-time. Specifically, she told me about seminars she’d host that’d start as two-hour gigs but turn into epic four-hour marathons because folks were so excited, asking questions and continuing the conversation. Still, getting a formal nod like this from the dental community is like a
warm hug for her. It’s a sweet reminder that all those quiet fans who’ve been soaking up her wisdom genuinely appreciate what she’s serving up.

Anissa has a refreshing approach to dental coaching.

There are tons of so-called “experts” out there handing out not-so-free freebies left and right, all to get you into their marketing schemes. But Anissa? She’s in a league of her own. In a world where so many dental coaches throw their guidance at you with a big dollar sign attached, Anissa’s giving you rockstar tips and tricks from a place of compassion.

Anissa has a knack for lending a hand, and it’s why folks love what she’s bringing to the table. Also, her approach to coaching is comprehensive. While many coaching programs focus solely on the dentist, Anissa’s coaching programs extend their reach to encompass every member of the dental team. But even more impressive is that it’s not just the dentists giving her props. It’s her buddies, the fellow consultants, coaches from all fields, the dental gear folks, the hygienists, the dental assistants—you name it. They’re all singing her praises, and—Nifty Award aside—it’s clear that Anissa’s a big deal, crossing all kinds of professional lines in the dental world.

Anissa is revolutionizing dental education through Dentalflix.
As we look ahead to 2024, Anissa’s enthusiasm is contagious. She’s most excited about the potential of Dentalflix, a revolutionary platform she created that’s set to transform dental education.

Dentalflix embodies her vision to help the dental community by bringing together dental coaches, consultants, and content creators. It offers a space for professionals to create and host online courses, ensuring that their expertise reaches a broad audience.

By collaborating with organizations and hosting recorded webinars, Dentalflix is changing how dental professionals access
educational content and make informed decisions. All in all, Anissa aims to create a onestop platform where the dental
community can learn, collaborate, and grow.

Pearls of wisdom.
Anissa believes that everyone possesses knowledge worth sharing, whether it’s in the form of clinical expertise, insights into mental health, or the intricacies of running a successful dental practice. Anissa’s advice is straightforward: Refrain from hoarding knowledge. Instead, make a concerted effort to share your know-how with others—never let it go to waste.

In Anissa’s eyes, it’s never too early or too late to begin assisting others. Furthermore, Anissa believes in the power of mentorship. Learning from individuals who have already achieved what you aspire to do can significantly expedite your
journey toward success.

Another piece of wisdom Anissa wants to impart to our readers—advice she’d tell her younger self—is, “Do it faster.”
Learning faster, implementing changes quickly, and making a difference in your field can extend the years of enjoyment
and impact you have in your career.

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