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Shooting For Retirement Or a Practice Transition Within the Next Five Years?

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We all know Elijah Desmond for the awesome dental conferences he hosts, his DJing events, and his radiant personality. But one thing you might not know about Elijah is that high school athletics have always held special significance to him. 

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, Elijah was heavily considering accepting offers to Division 1 colleges for wrestling. However, his life would change forever after getting a misdiagnosis of a condition in his neck. Elijah was told that his top vertebrae was fused to his skull and that he could die or become paralyzed if he was hit the wrong way. A promising athletic career was snatched from under him in one fell swoop.

Since then, Elijah has been left with a “void” of sorts. So much so that, after the birth of his first daughter, Chloe, Elijah and his wife invested in IVF with gender selection to raise the odds of getting a boy so that he could become his son’s sports coach. When he was instead blessed with only girl embryos (one of which is now his second beautiful daughter, Carly, who will be turning five in May), Elijah realized that those testosterone-fueled dreams would never come to fruition—until about a year ago.

Who’s doing who a favor, exactly?

Elijah Desmond began his career as a motivational speaker at 15 years old. Since then, he’s earned himself a reputation as an impactful, inspiring, engaging, and focused role model—turning everyday people into superstar leaders. One of Elijah’s many motivational specializations revolves around speaking to youth, which he does primarily by volunteering as the Vice President for a non-profit called “Beyond the Game.”

Throughout his motivational speaking career, Elijah has visited high schools to give speeches on behalf of “Beyond the Game.” Around a year ago, Elijah’s old high school basketball coach—Coach Kramer—rang him up and asked if he could give one of his speeches to his girl’s basketball team. While Elijah was happy to do them a favor, he didn’t realize they’d be doing him a favor: Through this experience, Elijah realized that girl’s sports could be just as powerful and fulfilling to coach as boy’s sports. 

It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.

Elijah was supposed to give his motivational speech to the girl’s basketball team to kick off the game. But, before it even started, he was told by Coach Kramer that the game would be a “blowout”—he reasoned that the team they were facing off against had been state champions for four years in a row. 

True to Coach Kramer’s words, the girls were trailing 46-6 after the end of the first half. He could see them dragging their feet, gazing down at the floor, looking super defeated. After seeing this, Elijah asked Coach Kramer if he could speak to them again at halftime. 

Walking into the locker room, Elijah quickly noticed that everyone was still moping around—they had basically already accepted defeat. He let out a big laugh, and told them to pick their heads up—to not to take it so seriously. He said it was just a game; they were all just there to have fun.

But he sympathized with these girls, not only because he came from a competitive background but also because he saw how they were being treated on the floor. Coaches were screaming, teammates were yelling, and the crowd was jeering—one particularly tall girl was being bullied and called “Bambi” because she had tripped over herself. 

The “Game of Life.”

Elijah started to relate the girl’s basketball game to the “Game of Life.” He told the girls that they might not win in the first half, but that doesn’t mean they can’t ultimately win the second half. This got them thinking, and that’s when Elijah turned into DJ Smiles. He asked them their favorite pump-up song, and there was no debate—these girls got amped to “Super Gremlin” by Kodak Black. Elijah immediately started blasting “Super Gremlin” on his Bluetooth speaker, and the girls’ attitude quickly changed. In no time, they were standing up, jumping around, putting their arms around one another, and belting out the lyrics to their favorite song. 

They were ready to go back into the game with force, coming into the second half as a different team. Elijah told the girls he’d be sitting on the bench, listening to “Super Gremlin” the entire time they played, and the girls were welcome to borrow his AirPods whenever they needed a boost. While they didn’t win the game, the girls tied in the second half and played much better than in the first half. Best of all, the girl being mocked as “Bambi” scored the most points. 

It’s Elijah’s turn on the court.

Elijah came from that game feeling like he had been the one to get a motivational experience and not vice versa. In his car, he bumped “Super Gremlin” on the whole ride home. The girl’s basketball team had taken a photo with Elijah before he left, and he took that printed photograph and placed it in the shared bathroom of his two daughters. 

Until then, neither Carly nor Chloe had ever done a contact sport—only cheerleading. But after his daughters saw that photo, they asked their dad if they could go out for basketball and if he’d be their coach. 

Elijah was so excited. He bought them a basketball, shoes, sweatbands, you name it. But there was one problem: Elijah was fully booked with DJ shows and motivational speaking events all throughout January, February, and March of 2024—which would be basketball season for his girls. He told his kids he’d do it next year, but it ate him up inside. 

After Elijah told his girls that being a coach this season wouldn’t be possible, he started obsessing over his guilt for picking his profession over family time. He thought, “What if this is the only year they’ll give basketball a chance? What if they don’t like it after that? I’ll never let myself live that down thinking that they could have loved it this whole time, but because I wasn’t there to coach them, they didn’t like it, and they won’t do it anymore.”

So, Elijah made a game-time decision: He would reach out to all the scheduled events and tell the hosts that he could only do Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays—otherwise, he had to be there for his daughters instead. Elijah was forced to cancel multiple events, but, to him, it was all worth it—in his words, it was “the best decision I ever made.” Now, after being the head coach for his girl’s team and ending the season with a winning record, his two daughters not only love their newfound favorite sport but want to do it all over again next season—and to Elijah, that’s the “ultimate win.”

Now, Elijah is “flying high” with his new business: Dental Pitch Brokerage.

Last year, Elijah was gone 12-20 days every month. Now, he’s only gone 4-7 days. He’s still going all over the world doing DJ tours (in the past 18 months, he’s been in six different countries and 25 US states for DJ events), but he’s substituted his 46-foot tour bus with chartering a private jet, attending multiple events throughout the year with other entrepreneurs interested in joining those same conferences. Quite literally, he’s soaring high—and he wants you to come along for the ride. If you want to fly with Elijah, just contact him for a spot on the plane.

Anyway, thanks to his new wheels (or wings, rather), Elijah can fly in and out of events without staying in cities for days. This not only gives him more time to spend with his daughters and do things like be their basketball coach, but it also allows him to focus on his brokerage business—Dental Pitch Brokerage—with his business partner, Matt Ornstien.

What’s Dental Pitch Brokerage all about?

Before Elijah and Matt founded Dental Pitch Brokerage, they had a dental-focused, Shark-Tank-style business called Dental Pitch. Initially, Elijah and Matt established Dental Pitch to help companies in the dental industry raise capital. The primary goal was to connect companies with potential investors and secure funding for their dental products, services, or software.

Over the years, Dental Pitch successfully raised significant amounts for various companies. As Dental Pitch grew, they expanded it to Dental Pitch Brokerage, specifically catering to dental practices looking to make a strategic exit. 

Dental practice owners now approach Elijah and Matt to create a detailed pitch covering all the financial aspects and do the full-service brokerage to transition their office. Subsequently, the dentist interested in selling their practice will pitch to around ten carefully selected buyers, including major Dental Support Organizations (DSOs), private practice dentists, and private equity entities.

Elijah and Matt lead an exceptional team at Dental Pitch Brokerage, comprised of an all-star cast of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the dental field. This dynamic group represents the pinnacle of expertise in the dental industry, boasting a board of advisors whose combined wealth of knowledge is unparalleled in buying and selling dental practices—in other words, they’re the “who’s who” of the industry.

One of the (many) things that I think sets Dental Pitch Brokerage apart is its discreet approach. The entire process unfolds in privacy, shielded from the public eye and even the seller’s own team. During the pitch event, sellers present their practices and field questions from potential buyers. Follow-up one-on-one interviews dive deeper into the details, maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Also, the collaboration between Dental Pitch Brokerage and Dykema—a reputable law firm—introduces an additional layer of value to the service. Sellers receive assurance of the highest bid for their practice and ideal exit terms.

Don’t wait until the eleventh hour: Elijah’s case for selling your practice early.

Too often, dentists find themselves in a challenging position as they approach retirement, dealing with various issues such as staffing problems, marketing challenges, high turnover rates, and burnout. Waiting until the last moment to consider an exit strategy often results in unnecessary stress and setbacks.

Elijah urges dentists to break free from this all-too-common pattern. He recommends exploring options like Dental Pitch Brokerage at least three to five years before retirement. By taking this proactive step, dentists can avoid the pitfalls associated with delayed planning and set themselves on a path toward a more successful and stress-free retirement.

Selling a practice through Dental Pitch Brokerage provides dentists with a unique advantage. Instead of dealing with the complexities of staffing, marketing, and burnout in their final years, dentists can focus solely on doing what they love—dentistry—without all the headaches of exiting and managing their business. That’s not to mention that the opportunity to invest income into ventures like real estate—with the potential for a robust 10% return on investment (or more)—can add an extra layer of financial security to your golden years.

In essence, Elijah’s message is clear: waiting until retirement is imminent can be a costly mistake. Embracing an early exit strategy through Dental Pitch Brokerage allows dentists to navigate their final professional years with ease, paving the way for a more prosperous and enjoyable retirement.

What’s next for Elijah?

On top of serving as the co-founder of Dental Pitch Brokerage, Elijah is also graduating from Auctioneer Academy on April 26th, 2024. And, rather than confining the role to traditional auctions, he’s planning on integrating his auctions into dental conferences accompanied by his DJing services.

Beyond the DJing component, the philanthropic element woven into every auction event sets Elijah’s auctioneering approach apart even further. At each dental conference appearance, he’ll conduct live auctions for charity. Vendors participating in the event are encouraged to donate items or services with a minimum value of $2,000.

Curious about the items on the auction block? At Elijah’s auctions, there’ll be an eclectic mix of offerings ranging from high-tech dental equipment like C-beam cone beams and x-ray sensors to practical solutions such as brand-new websites and dental instrument packages.

If you want to work with Dental Pitch Brokerage, you can visit for a free consultation. Alternatively, you can attend upcoming events where Dental Pitch will be front and center. These events include the Florida Dental Association conference scheduled for June 22nd, the Dykema event in Denver on July 10th, and the highly anticipated Dental Festival in Key West on September 12th (he’ll even be DJing and auctioneering at some of these!).

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