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Celebrating and Reflecting on One Year of Dental Lifestyles Magazine

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In 2022, I came up with the idea to launch Dental Lifestyles magazine. At the time, nobody thought it was a good idea, especially launching it as a physical magazine and not exclusively a digital one.

I can’t tell you how many people asked me why on earth we needed another dental magazine. In fact, I even wrote my inaugural Publisher’s Note article about exactly that, titling it, “I Know What You’re Thinking. Why on Earth Would I Need Another Dental Magazine?” 

It was no secret that there were many other dental magazines out there before I launched Dental Lifestyles. And while the existing magazines were very good, they were mostly focused on business or clinician improvement and highlighted people in the dental space who were already somewhat well known.

Having already grown Nifty Thrifty Dentists into a thriving community of tens of thousands of dental professionals, I knew there was a deep desire to help improve the entirety of who we are as people in dentistry. And I also knew many people in the dental world weren’t already well known who could help and inspire people in the dental world.

So, after searching without luck for an existing platform that served these two important goals, I decided to create it. And that’s how Dental Lifestyles magazine was born.

I committed to publishing four quarterly editions and assessing whether the magazine fulfilled my vision of helping everyone in the dental community achieve greater success and fulfillment in their business and personal lives. And here we are, one year later.

From a vision to a reality:
Although I knew there were so many inspiring and helpful people in dentistry, even I underestimated exactly how many people had stories that needed to be told. I’ve shared recipes to help you build memories around the dining room table, introduced you to a dental rapper to encourage you to keep your dreams and passions alive, and shared advice from some of the most successful people in dentistry to help you increase your profits and make your practice easier to run.

After flipping through the pages of the first four editions and hearing feedback from just a small percentage of the people who have read the magazines, I’m humbled and honored to see my initial vision for Dental Lifestyles magazine come to fruition.

What’s next for Dental Lifestyles Magazine?:
After seeing just a small portion of the impact the magazine has had on people in the dental community, I am now more passionate than ever about this magazine. I don’t see this magazine as just a magazine I get to publish but one I need to publish.

So, in the coming year, I’m doubling down on the magazine, working even harder to bring you the most helpful and inspirational content in dentistry with the goal of helping you level up both your personal life and your professional life.

I’m going to continue to bring you a broad array of content to help you improve your results and generate more income and time for you to enjoy however you want. I’ll invite even more top contributors to share ways for you to make more money while doing less work, not more. And I’ll introduce you to even more opportunities for
enjoying that extra time and money today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

You’ll continue to see the common theme of leverage at the core of many business strategies, as leverage is the
common precursor to increasing production while reducing your hours worked to free you up to add even more fulfilling activities in your life.

Most importantly, thank you!:
No matter how committed I was to Dental Lifestyles magazine, none of this would have been possible without countless others.

To our contributors: It’s not easy sharing openly with thousands and thousands of your colleagues. But you generously stepped up and delivered top-quality content for every edition. By doing so, you’re changing more lives than you know and helping make dentistry even better in the future than it has been to date. 

To my team at Dental Lifestyles magazine: Thank you for your tireless work in helping pull everything together. I don’t
have to tell you how hard it is to produce a magazine like this, but you were just as committed to helping dentistry as I am. For that, I’m tremendously grateful.

Last but not least, to you, the readers: Whether you’re a first-time reader, occasional observer, or a dedicated subscriber who has read every word in every edition, thank you. It doesn’t matter how helpful the words on the page are if nobody reads them. I hope you’ve been inspired by what you’ve read and have used some of it to make a meaningful improvement in your life.

Today, I’m even more excited about Dental Lifestyles magazine than I was just one short year ago.

I’ll leave you with the same message I left you with in the inaugural Publisher’s Note: To take both our business and clinical ability to the next level, we need to level up ourselves. We need to focus on who we are, our goals, and what pulls us out of bed in the morning. Because all of this plays into the success of our dental careers, and we cannot take steps forward if we lag behind in our personal development.

So, let’s continue to get inspired together!




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