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5 Powerful Strategies For Dental Professionals To Achieve Peak Fitness

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5 Powerful Strategies For Dental Professionals To Achieve Peak Fitness

1.  Set aside time:
Time will not magically appear down from the sky and say, “Hi there, this is your dedicated workout and training time. You will have no interruptions or distractions.” You have to create this intentionally. Whether it be in the am ( which is my favorite time because I feel the best and no daily to-do’s can get in my way), noon, or pm, make sure that it is planned and time is scheduled for it. If not then, most likely, it won’t happen.

2.  Be consistent: Once you nail your schedule and you have to do it, dammit. Over and over again. Working out and daily movement is not meant to be done only to reach a goal but for life.  And if you are trying to reach a goal – it takes time. Progress is often slow when it comes to our bodies, especially as we age. It’s the best medicine we have to fight aging and disease, coupled with nutrition. It is a consistent lifelong process.

3.  Plan: It takes a lot of brain energy to plan on the spot what you want or need to do for your workout. Whether that plan is to go to a certain yoga or boot camp class or a home HIIT session—make sure you have one—ahead of time. It is more efficient and makes it much easier to stick to a routine if you know what you are doing. You can either plan your own workouts or have a coach/trainer design a program that is best for your goals and lifestyle.

4.  Dial in your nutrition: Even if you have the best program and are slaying it like a champ, results and health will be subpar if you’re eating badly.  Meals, like workouts, need to be planned. Your plate of nutrient-rich veggies, healthy carbs, and adequate protein, all in the proper portions, is not going to appear on your plate magically. You will have to make it happen.  I’m a big fan of meal prep and on Sundays I make all my lunches for the week—and plan out my breakfasts and dinners. I make sure all veggies are cut and protein (I’m a big fan of salmon ) is all ready to throw into the air fryer when I get home. No trying to figure anything out because it’s so easy to grab what’s easy—which is usually the unhealthiest for us, especially when we have had a long day at the office.

5.  Enjoy it!: You have to pick an activity and ways to move your body that you actually like to do. Even if you had the best-designed workout program but hated to do it then, eventually, you would stop. Exercise can’t be viewed as torture (work, yes, but not torture). Do you hate going to the gym? Then workout at home. Do you find that going to the gym actually motivates you and you feel more alive with human interaction? Then go to the gym. Do you hate running but love rebounding on the mini-tramp while listening to your favorite podcasts? Then jump and listen. If you have a trainer or coach then let them know this so your program can be something you look forward to and not all drudgery. When it comes to fitness, a little fun will get you farther than you think.

Dr. Desiree Walker is a three-time American Ninja Warrior competitor and reigning Powerlifting World Champion with three world records in the squat event. Alongside her athletic pursuits, she is a successful dentist and owner of Lumber River Dental, a practice she built from the ground up over a decade ago. Dr. Walker also provides fitness and nutrition coaching for women through her website, and on Instagram at @femmestrongfit, inspiring others to live their healthiest and strongest lives both physically and mentally

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