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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Small Equipment Company” – Medidenta

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Medidenta, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, has been at the forefront of dental technology for over 80 years. Their product lineup includes high-speed and low-speed handpieces, the renowned CR Rated Prophy Magic prophy angles, whitening products, the groundbreaking Genius Endo File System, and more.

Yet, Medidenta’s story goes beyond its impressive product range, so I sat down with Sean Ryan, their Chief Marketing Officer. We explored what makes Medidenta stand out and how they clinched the prestigious title of “Best Small Equipment Vendor” at the Nifty Awards despite the intense competition in the dental equipment field.

Many of my Nifty Thrifty members would be surprised to hear that Sean wasn’t always too keen on using social media.

When I came to Sean about joining the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group a few years ago, he initially had reservations about the potential of social media. He was still determining the effort and dedication it would demand. Nevertheless, Sean quickly recognized the transformative power of social media and was inspired by my approach to it.

Since then, Sean has embraced the enthusiasm of the community and the opportunity to interact directly with them. Sean’s responsiveness to inquiries—whether they were endorsements or criticisms—has become a cornerstone of his
role at Medidenta.

Sean Ryan acknowledged that there’s always the risk of encountering “keyboard warriors” and critics in the world of social media. However, with his “mathematical mind,” he can subtract emotion from the equation and keep his head level with a solution-oriented mindset.

Sean is committed to making any customer’s journey easy.
Sean and his team at Medidenta understand the frustration dental professionals may face when dealing with delays from other vendors. Medidenta takes pride in its ability to deliver products quickly and efficiently, often the same day an order is placed.

Streamlining the ordering process is another aspect of their customer-centric approach. Medidenta’s online platforms—
whether it’s our special Nifty Thrifty landing page or just their general website—provide a hassle-free experience for
their customers. They make discounts readily available, ensuring customers don’t need to hunt for promotional codes.

One of the most distinguishing aspects of Medidenta, however, is its hands-on approach to customer service. Their team
comprises knowledgeable, responsive professionals who are always ready to assist customers. From those who answer
phone calls to the support provided by team members—uch as Amanda, Chelsea & Gabbie in customer service, to Jose &
Jamon in handpiece repairs, to the availability of upper management—Medidenta ensures that customers have a warm
and supportive experience whenever they interact with their team.

What’s in store for 2024?
For Medidenta, 2024 holds exciting prospects. While the company might compete at a different scale than industry giants like Henry Schein, Sean and his team have identified opportunities within the growing landscape of group practices and DSOs. Recognizing these larger dental entities’ unique needs, Medidenta has tailored solutions to serve this market segment better.

In addition to these market developments, Medidenta has an array of tech projects in the pipeline, with around five
or six new releases anticipated throughout 2024. These products promise to offer unique solutions and elevate dental practices to new heights, ensuring that Medidenta keeps pushing the envelope of dental technology.

Medidenta’s commitment to education is also a key focus for 2024. The company has a long relationship with The Las Vegas Institute, supporting courses at their main campus. It recently launched an education program that aims to bring
dental professionals together at its Las Vegas headquarters for hands-on learning experiences. Their first session received
stellar reviews, reinforcing the importance of this initiative. Medidenta plans to expand this program in the coming year,
providing more opportunities for professionals to enhance their skills.

Complacency, the “silent killer.”
Sean imparted a timeless piece of entrepreneurial advice to wrap up our conversation. He emphasized complacency’s
dangers, labeling it a “silent business killer.”

Sean’s counsel is clear for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners—never become complacent. Keep the flames of
ambition burning, for complacency extinguishes progress. He encourages business owners to continually challenge themselves, adapt, and innovate, and in doing so, they can avoid the perils of stagnation and thrive. Sean’s final thoughts centered on the idea that complacency isn’t just a business killer; it’s a “universal threat.” Whether in business, friendships, marriage, or even sports, complacency has the potential to stifle growth and success. According to Sean, the key to a thriving business and a fulfilling life is to confront complacency headon and embrace change as an opportunity to shine.

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