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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Marketing Expert” – Minal Sampat, RDH

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Having sat in on her presentations before, it was no surprise to me to see the overwhelming support of Minal Sampat for
“Nifty Award for Marketer of the Year.”

Something that sets Minal apart is the number of hats she wears. Not only is she a marketing expert, meeting planner, speaker, and workshop host, but she also has experience working as a hygienist. This ensures that everything she teaches comes from a tried-and-true, bootson-the-ground perspective.

Minal was blown away by the support she received from the community this year, even remarking that her social media
was full of love on the day the results were revealed. And she was gracious enough to sit down and share some thoughts
with you about what may have helped her make such a big impact in the dental community this year.

Give to receive.
When I asked her why she thinks she got so many votes, she mentioned that it probably has to do with how she shows up to workshops. You see, she noticed a pattern when she traveled to conferences and conventions to share her insights: People would often come up to her and ask how they could begin working with her as a marketer.

The reason, according to Minal, is counterintuitive: She set up her workshops in a way to give as much free and useful
information as possible, rather than treating it as a sales presentation to get new clients. By “giving away an abundance
of information” on the front end, it earned trust with her audience.

Making the switch.

You might think that Minal is a dental hygienist turned speaker and marketing expert, but it’s actually the opposite. She
studied marketing in college, and her first job out of college was as a marketing director for a large dental practice.

The reason she went to hygiene school? To better understand patient behavior and communication, not to mention the
world of healthcare. She states that knowing how the patient thinks and what they experience is one key to ensuring they
get the care they need.

You already have the power.
When I asked Minal if there was anything she wanted to make sure I shared with the readers, she relayed something her college counselor shared with her:

“If you think you want to do something, you’re already born with the power to do something. If you think you can make a difference, provide value, and help others, then do it, one hundred percent.” I’ve seen this in my interactions with her personally. When she says she’ll do something, she’ll overdeliver.

Minal’s go-to marketing tip “Don’t over share, over deliver.”
Minal noted that many dental professionals give too much information. She sees too many social media posts, too much
talking, an overload. Instead of oversharing, she recommends over delivering. When you leave your audience wanting more, it creates urgency and a fear of missing out, which spurs them to action.

Her final message? “We work in a brilliant industry. The fact that we get to show up to work on an eerie day to give care is
amazing.” So, she encourages people to reflect at the end of their day on one positive thing that happened, to keep their
outlook sunny.

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