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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Dental Marketing Company” – Studio 8E8

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Joshua and Joanna Scott run Studio 8E8, a marketing agency that helps dental entrepreneurs and professionals get better
results from their marketing budget.

I know… we’ve heard that promise before. But when peers from all over dentistry vote you Marketing Company of the Year, you’re probably doing something right. But what?

My theory has to do as much with their mindset as it does with their marketing. Joshua and Joanna operate everything
in their business and relationships from an abundance mindset. Unlike many marketing companies, Joshua and Joanna
take great care to maintain a steadfast focus on getting to know each client and doing everything they can to take care
of them by adding value.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what Joshua and Joanna had to say about how they’ve been able to help
so many people and what you can learn from their experience.

Don’t hide everything behind a paywall.

“I want people to think, ‘If I’ve got marketing issues, questions, problems, I can always go talk to Josh and Studio 8E8.,’” Joshua explained. In fact, he encourages anyone with marketing questions to ask him without worrying he’ll hold answers to questions behind a paywall.

“There are a lot of people that come to us and have a conversation, but maybe it’s not the right time or fit. Maybe the
numbers aren’t right for the investment right now. Regardless, we try to do everything we can, every phone call, to give people straightforward advice that works—no matter if they hire us or not,” Joshua explained. Joshua argues that the same mindset applies to dental practices. The more value you can provide to people, whether they become your patient or not, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Build a reputation of being helpful and friendly. After all, even if someone comes to you and doesn’t become a patient, they’ll still tell other people in their life about the experience they had with you.

Build and showcase an integrated life.
One powerful tip the Scotts shared about marketing, especially on social media, is to show your real life. If you follow
them on social media, you’ll see plenty of content about their  kids, their hobbies, and their life outside of the marketing
business in addition to posts about marketing.

“Our business and personal lives are all interrelated. It’s not just a play for the sake of marketing. We’re humans living an integrated life, and our family is a huge part of why we do what we do. We want people to see that. ”Again, the same goes for dentists, they suggest. Showcase yourself to your team, community, and patients as a real person. It will connect much better with each of these important groups of people. Joshua noted that the more they put family first and show their true colors to the world, the faster their business has grown.

Share stories over facts.
The Scotts’ biggest piece of marketing advice? People will remember stories far more than they’ll remember facts or
statistics. If you want to market your dental practice, make sure you’re telling stories. “Be authentic, be yourself, and tell
your story. People are going to remember that far more than your list of services, or the new equipment you just got,” they emphasize.

For example, Josh shared a story from SMYL Dentistry in Houston. After starting and doing much of their practice and
branding by themselves, they agreed to let Joshua take over to create something unique in the dental space with great
success. You can see the results for yourself at

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