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Winner of Nifty Awards 2023 “Favorite Dental Compliance Specialist” – Duane Tinker

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Duane Tinker isn’t just a compliance specialist—he’s “The ToothCop.” Now, he’s earned another title in the 2023 Nifty Awards: “Favorite Dental Compliance Specialist.” And let me tell you, the man’s got a sense of humility as big as the Texas sky.

When I sat down with Duane (commonly known as Tink) to discuss his award, he told me how thankful he felt about the recognition: “I’m touched. I’m honored. I’m humbled. I love what I do and appreciate that people appreciate what I’m doing here.”

Tink’s the real deal.
Tons of folks keep up with Tink on social media, and it’s impressive how many people will attend his seminars, go to his lectures, and work with him year after year. When I asked him what his secret was to get such a loyal following, Tink credited his realness that makes these people such die-hard fans. “There’s a lot of fake people out there,” Tink said.

Authenticity is a rare gem. It’s the kind of thing that sets folks apart, and Tink’s got it in spades. He believes in empowering dentists, giving them the confidence to navigate the maze of healthcare regulations, all while staying true to themselves.

That authenticity is the bedrock of his approach. Tink doesn’t just bark orders; he offers valuable guidance. Even when his
clients make choices that Tink might disagree with, he’s there to support them all the way.

“The ToothCop.”
What might set Tink apart even more than his authenticity is that he’s like a human radar in the dental compliance field. He can boost dentists’ confidence in their practice because they know Tink’s got their back and keeps them in the loop on the ever-changing dental scene. Tink always ensures his clients are ahead of the game, informing them about upcoming regulations well before they kick in.

In addition to being a human radar, his expertise is invaluable for any dentist. He dives deep into the compliance ocean, covering everything from HIPAA to OSHA, infection control, radiology compliance, sedation safety, medical emergency preparedness, and even Medicaid compliance programs—and it’s the latter three that really set his company apart from others in the field of compliance.

But what really sets Tink apart is his background as a former investigator for the Texas Dental Board. Yep, you heard me right. He came from traditional law enforcement to turn into what some folks humorously call the “ToothCop.” That unique perspective adds a layer of scrutiny that’s a game-changer in the compliance world—it’s like having a seasoned investigator backing you up.

Embracing change and growth.
Tink has always been someone who works behind the scenes. But, in 2023, Tink decided to step out of his comfort zone and stepped into the limelight of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community. This transition has been an eye-opener for Tink, a testament to his commitment to personal growth and development. He’s passionate about encouraging others to do the same—to break free from their cozy corners and take a leap into the unknown.

As our conversation ended, Tink had a word of wisdom for the readers of Dental Lifestyles Magazine: “Do not remain the same person a year from now.” These words ring loud and clear, a call to action for dental professionals to embrace change and strive for excellence in their field.

Tink’s authenticity and genuine care for the dental community make it easy to understand why he was voted in for this award. His ability to keep dentists ahead of the game by staying ahead of ever-changing regulations is like having a trusted ally by your side.

Congratulations, Tink! You earned it.

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