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As fellow business owners, we know all about the grind. We can speak firsthand about how growing a business—let alone a dental practice—isn’t easy at all, which is why we’re so passionate about making life easier for dentists. We reduce headaches from the sales, to the sign-up, to the onboarding, all the way to the monthly updates, marketing, and more.

We pride ourselves on never locking our clients into a long-term contract. You can cancel anytime by providing us a 30-day notice to discontinue our services. We’re all about being transparent with no pushy sales or aggressive commission-based tactics. We know the truth is that if we can do good work, offer 5-star customer service, and provide great pricing, then our clients are bound to stay with us—there’s no need to hide a trick up our sleeves (unlike the other guys).

It’s truly a privilege to be of service to the dental community. Helping dentists achieve their individual goals and working with such a diverse group of hard-working people teaches us so many invaluable lessons and brings a great deal of joy to each and every one of us at The Doc Sites.

If you’re interested in working with us, the easiest way to do so is to give us a call at 1-888-980-4949 and we will walk you through the sign up and set up process. You can learn more about how it works by using the QR code below.

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Keeping Your Sanity as a Dental Professional with Mauty

Keeping Your Sanity as a Dental Professional with Mauty

If you’re a Dental Professional on social media, you’ve probably laughed, got triggered, or have been shocked by something Dr. Steven Mautner posted. But as someone who has known Dr. Mautner for many years, I like to give credit to those posts to his social media...


The rubber really hit the road in 2015, when I made a life-changing decision to enlist the services of a professional bodybuilding coach. This change in focus resulted in adopting a strict diet plan, meticulously measuring my food intake to gain muscle and lose body...

The Joy That Lies in Storytelling

The Joy That Lies in Storytelling

Dr. Gayatri Raina Patel’s journey into dentistry wasn’t one she’d initially considered. Growing up in India, regular dental visits were a rare piece of her upbringing. Gayatri’s perspective on dentistry began to shift during her time in Canada (where she moved during...

Finding Fulfillment Even If You Don’t Love Dentistry

Finding Fulfillment Even If You Don’t Love Dentistry

Dr. McMasters has built his practice based on strong principles of honesty, integrity, and compassion. He is committed to excellence and working side-by-side with patients in addressing their treatment needs, as well as helping them obtain their personal vision of...