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Q: What are some of the biggest moments in Medidenta History?

A: While most of you are reading this won’t remember the Giromatic released in 1963, the first contra angle for the mechanical preparation of root canals, or in 1984 the release of the Sonic MM1500, some are familiar with the last breakthrough with our Air Free 90° high-speed handpiece, the world’s first rear venting 90° High-Speed Handpiece.

For over 80 years, Medidenta has been serving the dental profession with innovation, direct pricing, and unparalleled customer service, which remains true today but with much greater reach.

Q: How has Medidenta grown in today’s business climate?

A: We’ve been busy the last pre, during, and post-pandemic. Medidenta has made some strategic acquisitions like the additions of Prophy Magic Hygiene, Whiter Image Dental, Ultradent’s Genius Proflex Endo System, and in-house contract manufacturing emphasizing its expansions in today’s business climate. We have been able to transform from a catalog/tradeshow company to a successful e-commerce force in the dental industry.

Medidenta executives recognized the importance of online visibility and made efforts to expand Medidenta’s online presence through our own e-commerce sites, social media, and partnerships with external selling platforms. We have prioritized education and hands-on training for dental professionals through their Medidenta Education program.

Overall, we have taken a proactive approach to growth, positioning ourselves well for continued success in the future.

We’ve realized if you’re the smartest person in a room, you need to find another room, and that is a big part of our growth. For more information about Medidenta, go to and see our ad.

Product Showcase

NLR (no lube required): The NLR is Medidenta’s two-piece hygiene handpiece featuring a removable nose cone. No need to waste contaminating a low or high speed for a simple alteration and a simple IPR. Just remove the E-type nose cone provided and add a contra-angle or alike. This handpiece was recently showcased as one of the best for being lightweight, coming in at 2.5 ounces, its 5000-rpm power, and its versatility. Medidenta’s Lube Free NLR Hygiene handpiece is highly rated and considered the go-to for thousands of hygiene operations throughout the U.S. Engineered and made in Japan, you can count on the highest level of calibration and precision craftmanship on every handpiece delivered to your office for daily hygiene in even the highest volume practices.

Medidenta’s acquisition of Prophy Magic ensures the continuation of the most popular bulk deals, where you get free handpieces with the purchase of CR Rated Prophy Angles.  TT2200 NSK & KAVO Turbo Torque High Speed: Medidenta’s high-end high-speed duo will not only power up your office but cut your costs down at the same. Offered in the industry standard, Kavo & NSK type connections with added swivel over-the-hole options makes these a must-have. With the right coupler, both the NSK & KAVO style TT2200 will provide up to 25,000 LUX and a whopping 20 watts of power.

The innovative design and the highest quality parts, including ceramic bearings and titanium coating, give us the ability to back this handpiece with a 2-year warranty, giving you added peace of mind. The unique chuck design can hold up to 10 lbs (over 40N), eliminating the risk of bur slippage and ensuring patient and doctor safety. The patented impeller design allows the air to be guided by a special asymmetrical impeller and grooved back cap to speed up the exhaust airflow and reduce vibration. 

The Freestyle Pro was made with the Clinician in mind. Its cordless design eliminates drag and pulling and increases mobility for working professionals. Its ultralight construction comes in at 20% lighter than industry-leading low-speed handpieces in the cordless category. The Freestyle Pro boasts an extraordinary performance dual-mode control system offering variable or fixed 6-speed settings. The dual-mode control provides maximum ergonomics with its quick-touch button along with the anywhere convenience of the included Bluetooth-powered foot pedal. 

Hygiene rooms love the options only allowed with the Freestyle Pro has to offer. While other handpieces only work with specific prophy angles, this unit offers complete universal compatibility allowing you to use your favorite DPAs.

Once fully charged, your Freestyle Pro will last through a whole day’s worth of procedures, and at the end of the day, simply place it back on the charger, and it’ll be ready for the next day’s work.  Medidenta put together a great package, again with the clinicians in mind. The dual mode is one thing, but including three autoclavable sheaths at no additional charge in every kit was to make sure you are ahead of the game with autoclaving.

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