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Nifty Awards 2023 Winner of “Dental Humanitarian Award” – Morris Mugo, RDH

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Few words from our winner.

Q: Can you describe your business and its impact on the Dental Community in your own words?

A: Many dental professionals aspire to travel on an African Safari, participate in dental mission trips to support the underprivileged, and earn continuing education credits in exotic locations. We create the bridge for them to do all this on one epic Safari Trip to Africa, where they are free to bring their loved ones and colleagues. It’s a win-win; we aid the kids at the orphanages we visit while dental professionals gain further opportunities for learning and giving back.

Q: How do you feel about winning this award, and would you like to thank anyone?

A: The countless people who voted for me and have come out to support us over the years humble me—whether they do so by attending the safari mission, donating supplies or money, etc. Thank you to Dr. Glenn Vo—and his team—for their consistent support. Thank you to my wife, Lizzie, for your encouragement. Thank you, Sandra
Berger, for helping us in our CE classes. Last but not least, thank you to Elijah Desmond for your mentorship.

Q: What are you most proud of this past year, and what do you look forward to in the upcoming year?

A: I’m so proud of the missions we completed in Kenya and Egypt in 2023. I’m looking forward to launching the March mission to Ghana and the June mission to Kenya in 2024.

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