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Finding Fulfillment Even If You Don’t Love Dentistry

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Dr. McMasters has built his practice based on strong principles of honesty, integrity, and compassion. He is committed to excellence and working side-by-side with patients in addressing their treatment needs, as well as helping them obtain their personal vision of oral health.


If you’ve been in dentistry for any time, you know not everyone loves dentistry. So, while I love featuring articles about all the great things about dentistry, it’s important that we discuss how to carve out a fulfilling career and enjoy your life when you find yourself working in dentistry without a passion for dentistry.

When You Don’t Like Dentistry

If you’re in dentistry but don’t love it, you could certainly leave the industry. But what if that’s not the right decision for you right now? What if you enjoy some of it, such as the money or relative flexibility in your schedule? What if you need that income to take care of your family or cover dental school debt?

I recently sat down with Dr. Matthew McMasters to discuss what to do when you don’t have a passion for dentistry. He shared openly that he doesn’t love dentistry. He likes his patients, helping people, and other aspects of the industry. But he readily admits not liking dentistry as a whole. So how does he stay happy, healthy, and positive? Here are two tips he shared.

Carve Your Own Path

Digital marketing, social media, and high-value procedures are all the rage these days. You can’t go a day without somebody telling you about the latest marketing craze or high-value procedure that’ll buy you your next vacation home.  “No matter what people tell you, you don’t have to do any specific marketing strategy or perform every type of procedure to succeed,” says Dr. McMasters. “As you grow as a dentist , you will understand that some of the best money you will ever make are on the cases that you never start, because the stress just isn’t worth the payday.”  If you’ve been stressed by thinking you need to run your practice a certain way, you might find more enjoyment carving your own path and ignoring the noise.

Find Fulfillment Outside of Dentistry

Just because you’re in dentistry doesn’t mean dentistry has to be what fulfills you. “Fulfillment is just not going to happen with every job. Very few people are going to be 100 % fulfilled from their work all the time. That’s why it’s called a job,” says Dr. McMasters. That doesn’t mean you have to accept that you can’t be fulfilled in life if you’re not getting it from your job. “If your circumstances make it not realistic to leave your job, make it as tolerable as possible and find your primary fulfillment elsewhere. Whether it’s a hobby or enjoying time with
your family, you can find fulfillment even if you don’t love dentistry or your job.”

Finding Fulfillment

If you’re struggling to find fulfillment in dentistry, consider taking a holistic view of your life using Dr. McMasters’s tips. Perhaps you can find more fulfillment in dentistry, carving your own path and building an even more enjoyable life outside of working hours.



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