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Escaping the “Golden Handcuffs” of Dentistry Through Real Estate Investing

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Dr. Jonny Withananchi’s journey from growing up in a poor immigrant family from Sri Lanka to a successful endodontist and real estate investor in the United States is a testament to hard work and determination.

Growing up, Jonny’s parents emphasized the importance of education as a means to escape poverty, and he took this to heart. Excelling in school, he became the first person on both sides of his family to graduate from a university (with his brother following suit two years later).

Initially considering a career in medicine (and even taking the MCAT), Jonny only stumbled upon dentistry after a medical student recommended it for its shorter schooling, promising earning potential, and lower liability.

Thus, Jonny set his sights on dentistry instead. As a guy who describes himself as someone who “likes to take on whatever is most difficult,” it makes sense that the man chose to specialize in endodontics. Jonny’s fascination with the real estate industry was sparked during his third year in dental school, finding inspiration in his father’s sudden triumph in the same field.

Jonny’s transition from being stuck in the Rat Race to striking a family-focused balance.

Jonny’s father gave him a book named “Creating Wealth with Real Estate” by Robert Allen. After he read it, Jonny was soon telling all of his dental schoolmates that he was going to make his wealth in the real estate industry. And, true to his word, Jonny made his first investment in real estate only 8 months after becoming an endodontist.

Initially focusing on residential properties, Jonny later shifted to commercial real estate, which proved more profitable and scalable. The money started pouring in, and Jonny experienced a dramatic change in lifestyle, indulging in luxuries he could never afford before.

Following his marriage and the joyful addition of a daughter and son to his life, Jonny started to acknowledge that his unwavering focus on making money was impacting his personal life. Working as an endodontist and managing a growing portfolio of properties left him overwhelmed and unable to spend quality time with his kids. Missing his daughter’s recital was a wake-up call that prompted him to reevaluate his priorities.

Jonny recognized that financial freedom was his ultimate goal, and he realized that his current real estate strategy wasn’t achieving it. To regain control of his life, he decided to sell his commercial properties and transition to generating passive income in real estate. With a renewed focus on his family and a smarter approach to generating cash flow, Jonny now enjoys a balanced life. He spends only 20 hours a week at his dental practice (instead of the 65 hours he would spend before). He takes more time to be with his wife and children, attending his son’s basketball games, never missing his daughter’s recitals, and taking them all on 6-8 vacations each year.

Are you shackled by the “Golden Handcuffs” of dentistry?

Jonny founded his company, The Walk of Wealth, with a vision to liberate dentists from the so-called “golden handcuffs,” where they feel tied to their chairs, solely focused on dentistry while neglecting their financial aspirations. Through education and guidance, Jonny enlightens his clients, demonstrating how simple it can be to take the reins on generating passive income.

Unlike the unpredictable ups and downs of the stock market, Jonny views real estate investing as a stable and rewarding journey. By holding onto tangible assets with consistent cash flow, investors can gradually attain passive income without relying on volatile national markets.

While real estate investments involve some degree of risk, Jonny adopts a prudent 80-20 rule. He allocates 80% of his investments to low-risk, cash-flowing assets that steadily build wealth, reserving the remaining 20% for higher-risk ventures. This strategic approach ensures a balance between security and growth.

Jonny can help you learn to invest passively like a pro.

In the past five years, Walk of Wealth has amassed an impressive portfolio of over $221 million worth of real estate across various emerging markets, including Houston, North New Jersey, and Birmingham. Jonny’s success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of wise investment choices and the pursuit of a life truly worth living.

He’s also currently developing a two-day workshop for beginner dentists who are just trying to get started—a crash course to passively invest like a pro. Stay tuned for that, get connected with Jonny, and get direct access to his resources by joining his Facebook group: Financial Freedom for Dentists Passive Investment in Real Estate.

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