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Dear Readers,

It is with great joy and enthusiasm that I present to you another edition of Dental Lifestyles Magazine—brimming with inspiring stories, insightful features, and valuable advice.

As we celebrate the magazine’s second year, I am grateful for your continued support. Your active engagement and enthusiasm drive our commitment to delivering content that not only enhances your comprehension of dental lifestyles but also infuses a positive touch into your daily life. 

In the spirit of celebration, I want to open this editorial note with a heartwarming tale that has left a lasting impact on me…

My patient inspired me—now let him inspire you.

Over a year ago, a cherished patient visited my dental practice to share news of an upcoming European adventure he would be going on with his cousin—a river cruise spanning nine countries. 

However, what initially appeared as an exciting journey carried a bittersweet undertone. This river cruise had been a long-cherished dream shared with his late wife. Tragically, she had passed away six months prior, making this visit his first to the office since her death.

They had always been exceptional people—the epitome of goodness—and, like all conscientious patients, he wanted to ensure his dental health was in order before embarking on his trip. He told me, “My wife would want me to go on this trip. I just wish that it was with her. Don’t ever wait to take a trip like this with your wife.”

After he left, his words lingered and hit home—I heard that message loud and clear. And soon after, I spontaneously booked a long overdue trip back to Vietnam and South Korea with my family. 

Sure, I was concerned about taking time away from work. And yes, my wife was worried about being away from the office. There were plenty of reasons not to take a long vacation to Asia.  But the one constant thing that came to my mind is that I wanted my family to experience this special memory with ME and not anyone else. And it was SO worth it.

Reflecting on those two enriching weeks I spent in Asia with the people I love the most, I want to nudge you into 2024 with a fresh outlook. 

Let’s make 2024 the year we intentionally create meaningful memories with the ones who matter.

The stories within this magazine are not just about dental health; they are about the lives we lead, the moments we cherish, and the connections that define us. As you delve into the pages of Dental Lifestyles Magazine, I hope to take you on a journey beyond the dental chair—a journey that celebrates life in all its facets.

In the dental profession, we often emphasize the importance of preventive care to maintain oral health. Similarly, let us adopt a preventive mindset in our lives, recognizing the value of creating positive memories and nurturing meaningful relationships before the need for restoration arises. Life, much like oral health, benefits from a proactive approach.

As you explore the contents of this magazine, consider the diverse stories that unfold—stories of resilience, triumph over challenges, and the pursuit of a life well-lived. These narratives are not just reflections of dental experiences but mirrors that reflect the human spirit, urging us all to embrace the fullness of our existence.

Beyond the clinical discussions and expert insights, Dental Lifestyles Magazine aims to be a source of inspiration—a catalyst for positive change in both your dental and personal journeys. Our commitment extends beyond dental health; it encompasses the holistic well-being of our readers.

Life is an intricate tapestry woven with moments—some fleeting, others enduring. As February gives way to March, consider this a timely reminder to proactively shape the year’s narrative ahead. Utilize your Dental Life to finance and provide the memories for your more important life—I promise you won’t regret it.

Let the experiences of the coming year be intentional, purposeful, and deeply meaningful. May your journey through 2024 be marked by a conscious effort to seize opportunities, nurture the important relationships you cherish the most, and embrace the endless adventures that await.

Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Glenn Vo

Editor-in-Chief, Dental Lifestyles Magazine

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