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A Precise Bite Registration In Only 45 Seconds

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Two easy-to-apply, fast-setting bite registration materials are firm, yet easily trimmable, and provide an exceptionally accurate occlusal record for crowns, bridges, and other indirect restorations.

Consistency is the name of the game, but it can be an elusive goal in dentistry. Especially when it comes to crown and bridge, where one size never fits all, clinicians grapple with a variety of factors that can all affect patient outcomes.

The usual suspects include patients’ co-morbidities and the quality of at-home oral care, both of which tend to be inconsistent. But material selection is the rare factor that can be consistent, and a reliable product, particularly if it’s bite registration material, can pave the way toward a successful restoration.

Kettenbach Dental’s Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast bite registration are easy-to-use, fast-setting materials that provide clinicians with an accurate record of the spatial relationship between mandible and maxilla, an occlusal relationship that plays a critical role in predictable and reliable restorative treatments.


Rigid, Yet Easy to Trim 

“Our practice goal is to streamline our armamentarium and our materials list,” explained Michael J. Melkers, DDS, MAGD, FICOI, FACD, in Hanover, NH.  “That isn’t always possible, and in the past, I’ve had to use a variety of bite registration materials, depending on my needs.  When Futar Easy came along, I was excited that it had the material handling that I was looking for. I wanted a rigid material that would give me accurate, firm, and stable bite registrations, yet I also needed the material to trim easily without breaking. That is a tricky combination that I have not really found in other bite registration materials,” he shared.

Based on A-silicone and made in Germany, Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast are the latest bite registration materials to join the Futar product family. Both offer a high final hardness of Shore A90 for minimal compression when mounting models in the lab, while also offering a material that’s flexible to process and easily trimmable with a scalpel. Highly thixotropic, Futar Easy and  Futar Easy Fast won’t flow away from inter-dental spaces and will remain stable on the tooth.


Materials That Fit the Bill

“In addition to bite registrations, I use Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast for protrusive and facebow registrations, and anything else that requires a bite registration, because these two materials fit the bill,” explained Dr. Melkers. Economical and safe, clinicians can apply Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast immediately, without any discarding or waste. For convenience, both materials are color-coded, featuring a cartridge cap and shield that correspond with the mixing tip by color.

“When I first used Futar Easy, I found it a comfortable and relaxed material that I could take my time with—I didn’t have to rush, but it also didn’t have me waiting too long. But if you’re looking for efficiency without trading off any of the values and characteristics of working time, stability, firmness, and carvability, then Futar Easy Fast is an exceptional material. It’s great to work with because it’s easy to trim, and my lab technician enjoys working with the material and never questions the accuracy or stability of the mountings,” Dr. Melkers added. 


Shorter Processing Time

Futar Easy features a 30-second working time and a 90-second intraoral setting time for a total setting time of about two minutes, while Futar Easy Fast features a working time of 15 seconds and an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds, for a total setting time of one minute.  The shorter processing time means Futar Easy Fast can be particularly useful for smaller applications, although Dr. Melkers has made it his “go-to” for most of his restorative workflow.

“After I was introduced to Futar Easy Fast, I really felt like I had found the material that is almost a onestop shop for me,” Dr. Melkers shared. “It has a faster setting time, along with the rigidity,  while also providing flexibility, accuracy, and stability.”

Low Dispensing Force

True to the “easy” part of their product names, both materials feature stress-free, convenient handling and are easy to extrude, due to a low dispensing force.  “It’s easy  to extrude or dispense both of these bite registration materials,” Dr. Melkers shared.

“One of the challenges with traditional firm registration materials is that they can be extremely hard to extrude from the impression gun. A common challenge with some assistants is that they can get fatigue or carpal tunnel-like symptoms, and this is comfortable on their hands and wrists.”

“Overall, both Futar Easy and Futar Easy Fast are less brittle than similar materials and are resilient with excellent handling—it flows but does not run,” Dr. Melkers added. 

“There’s a nice balance between flexibility and firmness, and its clinical accuracy is exceptional.”

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